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Senior Software Engineer

₹15L – ₹30L • 0.01% – 0.2%
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Key Responsibilities:

● Lead the design, development, testing and deployment of significant features, driving
them from development to production
● Build RESTful APIs, components, frameworks and CI/CD pipelines that increase quality,
predictability and efficiency of business outcomes.
● Build pipelines to ingest terabytes of data spanning billions of rows
● Develop scalable, robust, and simple web-based solutions to solve complex business
● Collaborate closely with cross-discipline team including Frontend, Design, QA, Product
to build scalable web applications and services
● Proactively monitor application performance and stability using tools such as New Relic,
Airbrake etc.
● Formulate, implement, and evaluate algorithms and database queries to support SaaS
scalability and stability.
● Generates innovative new ideas, concepts, high fidelity software prototypes and
minimum viable products (MVPs) which accelerate or create new business capabilities.
● Evaluates, analyzes and leads the adoption of emerging new technologies and practices
to evolve as new standards that improve software delivery and maximize value.


● 2+ years of experience developing object-oriented software with a solid understanding
of Ruby and Rails
● In-depth understanding of fundamentals of relational and nosql databases
● Experience in working with large code bases and complex problems
● Fluency using Git and GitHub in a team environment
● Fluency in engineering practices such as TDD, CI, continuous deployment and code
● Ability to instrument a system to identify and solve performance issues and constraints
● Understanding of scaling, throughput and latency
● Enthusiasm for ensuring thorough automated test coverage for your own deliverables

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