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Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer

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Every day, two million passengers and their baggage are screened at US airports. Millions more are screened at international airports, office buildings, infrastructure centers, and more. Beyond people, billions of pieces of cargo, mail, and freight are scanned. What most of these have in common is little automation and very manual process. Synapse is tapping into these unexplored datasets to develop solutions that increase security and efficiency.

We are seeking an engineer with a background in applied deep learning and/or more traditional computer vision techniques to work alongside our CTO in developing object recognition algorithms on 2D and 3D data, and working independently to experiment on new datasets or with new techniques.

We're seeking someone passionate and driven to learn, as the scope of the work may change over time to encompass higher dimensions of data and different sensors.

• Working with 2D and 3D datasets from various sensors (x-ray, CT, LIDAR, etc.) to develop generative and discriminative models. These models will focus on the classification of different items, both safe and threats.
• Training and deploying machine learning models for object detection, tracking, and recognition. Specifically, the inferencing will run on top of X-ray and CT imagery generated from security checkpoint hardware.
• Adapting deep learning methods with traditional computer vision methods to build robust, configurable systems.
• Implement image processing, graphics (3D and 2D), and CV libraries (OpenCV, OpenGL, dlib, etc.) to manipulate training data, automate labeling, and update classification algorithms.
• Research and implement new research papers to take advantage of the latest advances in the field. Implement these new techniques directly into our algorithms.
• Connect the deep learning algorithms to the humans interfacing with the system via the testing and development of different HCI techniques to optimize throughput and detection rates.
• Analyze 3-dimensional data, including segmentation, reconstruction, classification, and manipulation to further improve and refine our detection systems.

Minimum Qualifications
• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Data Analysis, Statistics, or another closely related quantitative field.
• At least two years of hands-on experience with applied computer vision and machine learning algorithms, in a research or company environment.
• Publications or significant projects undertaken in machine learning
• Programming experience — Comfortable with large projects in Python or C++, and excellent software engineering skills. Good habits around testing, documentation, and writing robust and maintainable code..
• Solid mathematics background (linear algebra, 3D geometry, probability, optimization)
• Expert knowledge in deep learning architectures for computer vision, and associated libraries & frameworks (Tensorflow, PyTorch, Caffe)
• Strong communication skills, including experience writing white papers and proposals for government funding.

• Insurance
Health: 100% of the premium of Platinum PPO 20/10%/4000 OR Platinum HMO 10/10%/2700.
Dental: 99% of CA Beam Smart Premium Select 100/100/60/50-2000
Vision: 99% of the premium
• Unlimited vacation policy

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