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BigData Driven Strategy Planning Toolbox

BigData Driven Strategy Planning Toolbox

Government and enterprise business increasingly rely on scenario modelling to exploit their big data and inform decisions. To date this has been done by experts programming custom models using general tools or programming languages, a time-consuming and expensive process with individual projects often exceeding $1M and billions dollars in the global market. Symberra has nearly completed building a prototype system, which enables scenario modelling experts to reduce a typical development from 4-6 months to just weeks . Not only does Symberra reduce time and complexity it increases flexibility and therefore impact of the modelling. Further, Symberra have also nearly completed a powerful user interface that will enable non-programmers to create and alter scenario models not just use them. The product can also be used for business strategy planning purpose. It can simulate the response of the market prior to the business operations.
Co-founder Symberra. MSc Machine Learning ANU & MEng Knowledge Engineering NUS. Database Warehousing Specialist for Banking and Telecommunication Industry.
Co-founder Symberra. MSc Computing ANU. User Interface and Experience Designer.

Jinjing Li

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