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Digital Wealth Manager | Robo Advisor | Singapore


I like that I am building something that would help everyday people to better their future by smartly investing today. I feel like my work has more purpose! I like the work environment which focuses on outcomes rather than activity. It's great to work with a team who I can respect and learn from
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Snehal Samant
Head of Product and Growth




Shantanu Tripathi

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Software Engineer at Syfe | ACM-ICPC 2017 Regionalist

Prakashul Singh

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DevOps @Syfe • DevOps Engineer @TOTHENEW • B.Tech (CS) @University-of-Petroleum-&-Energy-Studies

Vivien Tan

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Ritesh Ganeriwal

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Worked at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Investment Management. Business Development, Risk Management. Went to University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business

Justin Tan

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Ritesh Ganeriwal

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Mayank Chauhan

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Frontend Developer | React, GraphQL, Node.js, Python/Django

Shubham Verma

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Software engineer(Javascript| React | NodeJS). Foodie and anime lover!

Lakshyya Mahalwal

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A UI/UX Designer with a diverse background in Visual Design, I understand and appreciate all stages of the design process.

Snehal Samant

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Growth specialist - digital marketing and product development with 14 years of experience

Mukesh Gupta

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Engineering Lead @Syfe • Senior Backend Engineer @Grofers • Co-Founder @Scanova@Adobe Systems@Delhi College of Engineering

Swapnil Jain

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Engineering @Syfe • Co-founder Scanova • Worked at @Adobe Systems, @oracle-corporation • Studied at @Delhi College of Engineering