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Give high-quality presentations faster and easier on any device

Give high-quality presentations faster and easier on any device

As we live and work we are more and more nomadic in every aspect of our lives. Under those circumstances effective and meaningful communication continue to present a challenge for the mobile and interconnected. Swipesho is a platform that addresses the challenges of delivering effective digital visual easily. Simply upload your visual content, and present it from or to any phone, device or computer. We believe that the use of visual content as a tool to communicate is not as accessible as it should be. Accessibility, reachability and timeliness has risen to be a primary determining factors in effective communication and audience influence. Swipesho is targeted towards those who need to more easily reach their audience and deliver their message. Through Swipesho, they will be able to recognize the value of representing themselves through a platform that maximizes effective communication and reduces frictions of accessibility across devices and locations.

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David Weil

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David is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the IT services industry. As the founder of the pioneering web branding agency Egomedia, David’s...
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