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Student Brand Manager

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As a Student Brand Manager, you will create and implement marketing campaigns at your high-school/college with the objective of popularising the SwipeStudio brand and inducing trial of SwipeStudio’s service.

These campaigns could include the following:

1. Collaborating with various clubs and academic societies to create Geofilters for their events

2. Advertising about SwipeStudio in the school/college newsletter

3. Designing cool Snapchat Geofilters for school/college parties and getting people to use it.

4. Using social media channels to tell your classmates about SwipeStudio’s Geofilters

Having fun is key to being a student brand manager! Get creative, implement your ideas and learn how you be great at marketing.

Why be a Student Brand Manager?

- Industry Exposure
You will gain hands-on experience in conceptualizing and implementing marketing campaigns aimed at increasing awareness, trial and retention of customers - the core objectives of Marketing.

- Mentorship
You will work with members of our team who will guide you not only in your marketing tasks but also regarding your career opportunities.

- Resume points
This is a great opportunity for you to do something that’s lots of fun and get something great on your resume.

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