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Convert source code of IOS apps to new Apple's Swift language in one click

Swiftify - Web & Back End Developer (.NET, Angular, HTML5/CSS3)

$12k – $48k • No equity
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Swiftify is the world's leading solution for migrating Objective-C apps to Swift.
Featured by Apple in the App Store - itunes.apple.com/us/story/id1437719440

We're looking for experienced .NET & Angular developer to join our team.

• Full stack (both front- and back-end experience);
• Experience with MS Azure infrastructure (or very solid experience with a competing service like Amazon);
• Half- to full-time involvement.

• Continuous development of Swiftify (objectivec2swift.com) SaaS website.
• Take care of back-end tasks, including our Web API and integration with external services.
• Optimize the website performance by configuring Azure features like Load Balancer and AutoScale.
• Integration tasks, including Jenkins build server improvements.
• If interested, you may participate in the development of our code converter.

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