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Web Engineer

$105 - 155k Estimated
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Swayable is looking for a Web Engineer to build new features, advance our core products, and work closely with our small but growing team to design solutions to novel problems in software engineering and product development. For this role we prioritize applicants’ eagerness to learn over their experience, acknowledging that on-the-job training is a critical component of the role. While the team currently consists of seasoned engineers, we are open to both junior and more experienced candidates for this role.

A Web Engineer at Swayable builds across the full stack of our web applications: Node and MongoDB on the server and Vue in the client. They may even contribute to our Python analysis tools. In a typical week, they develop and test new features in collaboration with the engineering team and participate in rapid prototyping to address new customer needs. They review code and contribute to internal tools that optimize our processes. They work with all members of the organization to solve problems and continuously improve our processes.

This is a remote position as we are a distributed team with members in cities across the US. Priority given to candidates located in cities where we work: San Francisco, CA; Denver, CO; Portland, OR.


We are a pragmatic and impact-driven company. We attract people who share a motivation to contribute to more than just a single bottom line and are excited for the work that building a new business requires. We come from a variety of backgrounds and believe that diversity makes us a stronger and more capable team.

As a small but growing organization, every employee has a large degree of independence and responsibility. While this role reports directly to our Lead Engineer, we follow a Scrum-like work cycle where each contributor takes ownership for their assigned stories and is trusted to decide for themselves how to best complete their work.

Although we live in different parts of the country, we meet in San Francisco several times a year to work together and participate in company retreats.


Swayable is a media analytics platform that doubles the impact of advocacy campaigns and brand advertising by measuring the impact of content on people's opinions. The company had an incredible first year, launching in January 2018 out of Y Combinator and immediately getting traction. We're now looking to continue that growth trajectory with a solid product and team. This is the perfect opportunity to join a fast-moving, high-impact startup that's moving rapidly from seed to growth stage.


• You are dedicated to learning and improving as a software engineer.
• You’ve built full-stack applications for the web, including writing front-end HTML/CSS/JS and back-end servers using Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Django (Python), Sinatra (Ruby), or a similar tool.
• You are able to give and receive informed, actionable feedback on both technical and non-technical skills.
• You have experience writing modern JavaScript web applications using a client-side framework such as Vue or React.
• You understand that the perfect solution is informed by the people who will be building on your work, rather than being purely dependent on technical merits. Empathy is a feature.
• You believe in the scientific method and prefer to use data to drive decisions rather than opinion or anecdotal experience.
• You value code quality and strive to write understandable, testable code with an eye towards maintainability.
• You are a strong communicator, especially in text. You can write documentation and discuss the tradeoffs of different implementations.
• You’ve worked with or have an interest in data science, specifically within a Python environment.
• You’ve worked with or have an interest in learning data visualization frameworks such as Chart.js and D3.js.

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Tanner Welsh

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Lead Software Engineer @Swayable . Previously designed curriculum for organizations like @NYC DOE , @Hack Reactor , @Make School , and @Pursuit .

Joshua Gunn Dean

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Software @Swayable Previously @Procore Technologies Budget + Forecasting, and @HP Instant Ink

Valerie Coffman

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CTO and Co-Founder @Swayable - we measure how content changes minds, Former CTO @Xometry, Founded @Feastie. PhD / MS from @Cornell University, BS from @JHU