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Swayable measures how effectively media content changes minds. Our clients are dramatically increasing the impact of the stories they tell on the world's most important issues. We are passionate about the power of data to have a positive social impact on advocacy and commerce and are serious about using it responsibly and ethically. We work with organizations and people we care deeply about and our job is to help make them successful. Swayable is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation and an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applications from anyone who shares our values and especially encourage women and members of underrepresented groups to apply.
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Senior Web Engineer (front-end or full-stack)

Posted 2 months ago

Swayable is looking for a Senior Web Engineer to build new features, advance our core products, and work closely with our small but growing team to design solutions to novel problems across the spectrum of software engineering, data science, and product development.

A Senior Web Engineer at Sway...