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FrontEnd Developer Internship

€45k – €50k • 0.0% – 0.3%
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Context & Mission

Within Swan, you will have the chance to work with a team of six confirmed and senior (+4 years is the smallest experience) developers expert in her domain.

You will be driven by our Front-End expert and our CTO to develop the web applications of the next-gen banking API. Our day to day mission will be :

- Conception and development of pages built with React, TypeScript, and Apollo
- Apply the last best practices in React and Web development
- Work in agile methodologies
- Write documentation
- Check our development with your own automated tests

Technical stack

- TypeScript
- React-Native-Web
- Jest
- GraphQL (Apollo)
- CI/CD GitLab
- Create-react-app with babel + eslint
- In a monorepo with Lerna


- Advanced React knowledge React 16.8+ (codebases 100% hooks)
- Comfortable with the Statically typed languages
- CSS knowledge (particularly Flexbox)
- Sensible to design

Requirements (bonus)

- TypeScript knowledge
- Comfortable with the functional programming
- Experienced in React-Native

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