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Faisal Zahid

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Co-Founder/Head eng @Swaggable. Prev, DataViz Fellowship @SLAC, grants from @British Council (Parallel Rendering Algos for Complex 3D Models). CS, ENTRE & GameDev @Nust '09, Founded and raised funds @CraftyPixels at college


Usman Mushtaq

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Michael Lyons

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Head of Growth @Swaggable, Founder @GlobalPetals, Worked @Walmart @Healthscape Advisors Studied @University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign

Rahiel Qureshi

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Using data to drive decisions.

Board members and advisors

Khosla Ventures, 137 Ventures, Facebook
brand/business strategy for ad agencies, their clients & start ups. advisory board member at nest from early days in the garage on alma st to the sale to google

Jon Allen

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Physicist specializing in distributed computation, scalability, graph processing, machine learning and PDE stability problems. Senior Data Scientist at @Grockit.
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Rajesh A Punjabi

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