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Connecting consumer demand with personalized promotions

Connecting consumer demand with personalized promotions

Swaggable helps consumers discover new products by bringing them personalized feeds of relevant products and exclusive promotions.

Just as Google Adwords uses search to create actionable intent, Swaggable gets demand data by giving users an easy way to discover, try and review new products.

We apply machine learning on opt-in data, allowing us to better understand our users' preferences and bring them ever-smarter, personalized feeds of new products and exclusive promotions from brand clients.

It's free & easy for brands to add their products to our platform, helping them find their target consumers and engage them with paid promotions.

Faisal Zahid

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Co-Founder/Head eng @Swaggable. Prev, DataViz Fellowship @SLAC, grants from @British Council (Parallel Rendering Algos for Complex 3D Models). CS, ENTRE & GameDev @Nust '09, Founded and raised funds @CraftyPixels at college

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