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Genetic Diagnostics made Rapid, Easy and Affordable

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We're scientists, technologists and doctors that combine expertise biotechnology, IT and engineering to make Molecular Diagnostics rapid, easy and affordable. Having won awards from virtually all of the top industrial associations and academic institutions in India, Swagene has proved its mettle multiple times.

We already boast the cheapest and quickest molecular diagnostics for cancer, personalized medicine, infections etc. and directly impact the lives of hundreds of people every month. This is only the beginning of our journey, and we're looking to attract the most brilliant and passionate people to join us in various capacities - join the team, partner in commercialization and/or investment, let's hear your unique plans.

The patient is at the centre of our universe, and we're driven by the mantra "Excellence in Science, Excellence in Service".
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Javascript (Node.js, React, Typescript) Developers

You will design and build a comprehensive web application for automation and personalization. You’re innovative with complex algorithms for automation.


Finance, HR, Admin executive

Finance management
HR management
Liaise with external professionals, Govt and agencies
Attend to phone calls, visitors, mail
Organize purchasing, deliveries, inventory
Negotiate with vendors, suppliers etc.
Logistics management
Visit post office, bank, shops, run errands
Maintain and organize boo...


Business Development aka Customer Success Pro

You will be instrumental and proactive in dealing with several kinds of Swagene's external customers and partners and ensure their success. With customer and partner success as the goal, your activities will include:

You're a very positive, ebullient and unique individual
Converse well in Engli...