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Genetic Diagnostics made Rapid, Easy and Affordable

Genetic Diagnostics made Rapid, Easy and Affordable

Swagene, translated as 'My Gene'​, is an award-winning genetics and molecular diagnostics laboratory. We make personalized or precision medicine, precision wellness and lifestyle by providing targeted genetic insights to dramatically improve health and specific life situations. We boast the fastest turnaround time globally and some of the most affordable gene panels by excelling in technology (biotech, IT, engineering), quality and customer focus.

Our biggest strengths are our expertise and the overwhelming support we enjoy from medical specialists and physician influencers resulting in invitations to sit on expert committees and panels, and speak at conferences and seminars.

- NABH-certified Genetics laboratory
- DSIR-certified R&D laboratory
- DIPP-certified Innovative startup

Won awards
- FICCI DST-Lockheed Martin Gold Medal
- DBT-BIRAC-TiE Woman Entrepreneur in Research
- IIT Kharagpur
- IIM Ahmedabad
- BITS Pilani

Javascript (Node.js, React, Typescript) Developers

Business Development aka Customer Success Pro

Finance, HR, Admin executive