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Andrew H

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John Christ

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Sales Operations Analyst, Salesforce Systems Admin, at SurveyMonkey for 3 years. Previously, Territory Manager at Cemex for 8 years. Santa Clara MBA Graduate.

Priya Dubey

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Michael Walker

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Lifelong experience in sales and passion for technology as a vehicle for change.

Ben Greene

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Works at SurveyMonkey, Worked at ESPN. Experience with Business Development, Enterprise Sales, Account Management, Marketing, Digital Media. Went to Penn State
Worked at Yale University. Experience with programming, engineering and virtual reality. Studied physics at Santa Clara University with a 3.6 GPA.

Jasmine Rosen

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Product designer specializing in end-to-end design. My scientific background helps me design human-centric data-informed solutions to complex problems.

justin lui

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Worked at SurveyMonkey, Yahoo. Experience with Apollo, Adobe Photoshop, AJAX. Went to University of California

Etienne Maugain

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William Curtis Collins

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I'm a software engineering manager at SurveyMonkey, working on the Wufoo form builder product.

Casey Ballard

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Mike Wilner

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I've always been #1. I will continue to be #1 one and am looking to be the first rep of a start up that I am passionate about that I can grow with

Esther Raji

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Worked at survey monkey, Telepin Software. Experience with Angular, Adobe Photoshop, CSS3. Went to University of Ottawa

Tym Andrews

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Worked at SurveyMonkey, Senior Support Agent, Experience with Account Management, Billing, Customer Relationship Management. Went to Otterbein University
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Board members and advisors

Founder and CEO @Trifacta. Jim Gray Professor of Computer Science at @University of California Berkeley. Tech advisor.

Former team

Noble Kuriakose

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Ashley Carroll

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Deirdre Norris

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Steve Norall

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Yang Zhao

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Lorianne Valencia

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