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Developing industrial solutions

Developing industrial solutions

We are building a disruptive bleeding-edge/leading-edge technology PLATFORM for the surface freight and trucking industry. Think of it as the "Uber for Freight".

We are: Top-notch creative product designers and leading software engineers inventing ground breaking and disruptive solutions for the future of transportation, logistics and heavy construction. We start with a clean slate, step out of the box, abandon misconceptions, and combine the best ideas and technologies with innovative thinking to conceive the next step in technical evolution.

Our current project amalgamates the benefits of Couchbase, Kafka, Solr, Angular2, Swift, REST, RxJava, Spark, OAuth2, flexible domain components, de-normalization, and micro-services architecture into an efficient, scalable, and high performance business platform. Imagination, flexibility, quality and efficiency are at the core of our values. We do it better, faster, and like nobody else has done it before.

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