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We ship our own brand of groceries nationwide. By removing middlemen and overhead, we’re making incredible food more affordable, accessible and ethical.
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Visual Designer

Posted 2 months ago

Responsibilities The Visual Designer at Move will be responsible for producing on-brand and on-time design solutions across each of Move's departments— Marketing, Packaging and Product. Marketing: Facebook ads, Google display ads Packaging: Labels, shipping boxes, print inserts Product: Web...


Chief of Staff

Posted 2 months ago

The Chief of Staff at Move will act as a project manager for the entire company. Responsibilities The main objective of the Chief of Staff will be to make sure that the company and office function like a well-oiled machine. The ideal candidate will be an extremely organized and articulate...


Executive Assistant to the Founder

Posted 2 months ago

The Executive Assistant will be in charge of managing and assisting with our Founder's daily work schedule. Responsibilities — Managing daily schedule. — Taking notes during meetings. — Planning business travel. — Managing the Founder's inbox. — Conducting research. Culture We're a small team and...


Shipping Manager

Posted 10 months ago

The Shipping Manager at Move will be responsible for ensuring that our shipments consistently reach our members. Responsibilities Running Move's distribution center in San Francisco We will use this distribution center to ship to members all over the West Coast. As the head of our production...



Posted 4 months ago

Move is a new type of retailer. We work with award-winning creators to make daily staples — and we ship these staples directly to our members, without the middlemen or the markups. By doing so, we're making the greatest products in the World accessible to everyone. Beyond that, we're making an...


Product Manager

Posted 2 months ago

Culture We're a small team and we care deeply about the culture that we're building. Here are some of the most important values we want everyone to have: Meaning: We love people who find meaning in the work that they do. We think what we're doing at Move is large and significant and we want to...