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3D multicellular systems for drug discovery and drug safety.

3D multicellular systems for drug discovery and drug safety.

Our company, Superlative BioSciences Corpation, is currently seeking to raise $200,000 (USD) for a 40% equity stake in the company from investors for the validation and marketing of our testing services that use human stem cells and multicellular 3-D constructs of normal and compromised human tissue microenvironments.

We use these tissues in high-throughput screening systems to meet the needs of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies in the areas of target discovery, drug efficacy testing, and drug safety and toxicology.

Our 3D tissue constructs, or patient samples, can also be viewed using virtual reality (VR) tools. For example, using confocal microscopy & VR, detailed examinations of human tissues can be made.

Our current valuation is $300,000 USD. Our post new money valuation would be $500,000.

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Joe Tarsio
President & CEO
Superlative BioSciences Corporation
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