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like f.lux for the real world

like f.lux for the real world

Do you deserve comfortable and healthy lighting? We believe you do. Sunn promotes everyday wellness and comfort by automatically tuning the color and brightness of smart lights to be in sync with the sun. Improve your sleep at night and alertness during the day by keeping your body's "biological clock," or 24-hour cycle (circadian rhythm), in sync with nature. THE SUNN LIGHTING EXPERIENCE In the morning, Sunn makes your lights rise with the sun, gradually brightening and changing color to foster wakefulness and assist your body’s natural suppression of melatonin. During the day, your lights track the sun and slowly become cooler to promote alertness. As the day winds down, your lights become warmer and bring the setting sun indoors. At night, the Sunn app slowly adjusts your lights to emanate the calming glow of firelight, a biological indicator that prepares you for rest and promotes your body's nighttime production of melatonin.

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Senior Software Engineer @LinkBee CS '15 @Cornell University

John Ciecholewski

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CEO of Sunn, Product Manager, Growth Hacker, Cornell Johnson MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Master in Engineering is Systems Engineering.
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