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Vitamin D Focused Premium Nutritional Supplements

Vitamin D Focused Premium Nutritional Supplements

SunDaily is a premium brand of vitamin D focused nutritional supplements that fit a hole in the market for attractive, simple, high quality nutraceutical products.

Our flagship product is a multivitamin, SUPERLUX, that started with 2000IU of vitamin D3 per serving. This is the most vitamin D3 available in a multivitamin but it is the amount that doctors are frequently recommending to their patients. We built the complete formula from the ground up using modern diets and the latest in scientific research as our guide. We included only the best forms of each ingredient, (Mixed carotenoids for vitamin A, tocotrienols for vitamin E, etc) at the optimal dosage. Other multivitamin formulas have not changed their formulas since the late 1960's when the Daily Values were established.

Building on our multivitamin, we have created a system of products that will complement each other in a simple to understand manner removing the complexity currently in the buying process for consumers.

Adam Leeb

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Cofounder of Astrohaus, maker of the Freewrite. Inventor, product designer, and engineer. @MIT alum. Former PE and I-banking professional at Macquarie Bank.

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