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Student Internship - Go / Golang Developer

€6k – €7k • No equity
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The internship objective is to get familiar with micro-services development in a startup environment.

Your mission, if you accept, will consist in:

- Writing unit tests for micro-services in order to improve continuous integration,
- Refactoring the existing code following Best Practices,
- Developing new functionalities aiming at improving the value of Sunchain's solution.

Technical environment:
- Golang (Go)
- Gin Framework
- InfluxDB / PostgreSQL
- Docker
- Kubernetes
- IoT

Following Agile methods and oriented DevOps.

From 5 to 8 months, from now, soon, or later.
This is an internship which means that we need an internship agreement provided by a universisty or any educational or training institution.

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