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Sugoi is home to a bunch of people who: Always help others before they think of themselves Stay hungry to the point that they just eat everything up (as long as its knowledge). Just don’t give up. Fail fast, succeed even faster. If you are some one similar you will love it here. And what’s not to love when what you will be doing here probably is: Level up incredibly fast on your skills. Learn, work, learn, grow, learn.. repeat. Be trusted to find your own direction and be nested with immense responsibilities from day one. Once you are up to it, be given your own thing to manage. (that’s asap by the way) So are you out there with amazing chops on product development (the exact thing you need to have is mentioned below), we are looking for you and you us.
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Sugoi Labs - Senior PHP Developer - Laravel/YII Frameworks

We are looking for PHP developers with knowledge of MVC frameworks - Yii / Laravel (min. 2 years exp) .