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Andreas Sandberg

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Director of Eng @SugarCRM, Head of Engineering at Stitch (acquired by SugarCRM) Engineering Manager @SugarCRM, Team lead @Metrodigi, worked @Sun Microssytems

Sonya Luu

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Marketing Coordinator @SugarCRM | 2+ years of experience in marketing

Julie Kiss

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Worked at @SugarCRM

Deepali Mittal

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Product leader at SugarCRM. Passionate about building products that make individuals’ lives easier.

Roger Smith

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Entrepreneur, Founder, Real Estate Investor

Joe Hickman

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Operations director with a career spanning engineering, HR and sales. Startup in college, worked at Oracle, Google, SugarCRM & Intellectual Ventures

Omair Ali

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Samantha Matson

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Outstanding recruiter with excellent sourcing and closing skills.

William Zhou

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CEO at Chalk • Studied at @University of Waterloo@Forbes Under 30

Eric Beller

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Built and rebuilt sales teams that resulted in companies highest revenue region three times, key contributor at three companies that were acquired

Jens Felix

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Lead developer. Working on cloud services.

Jason North

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Founder @SUMO Scheduler • Worked at @oracle-corporation, @SugarCRM, Partner @ @Salesforce • Studied at @Southern Methodist University, @St. Thomas University

Clint Oram

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Board members and advisors

Founder/CEO 2 venture backed companies @Stitch (acq @SugarCRM) and @Miso •BD, Product, Strategy, Prev @Clari @Salesforce

Josh Stein

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Partner at @dfj, a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley. Lead our efforts in SaaS and Enterprise IT. Also active in Consumer and Mobile.

Former team

Ruby Wang

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Vince Beese

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Andrija Vucinic

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Kayla Palmer

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David S. Wang

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Marko Andrijasevic

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