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If you open up any technical news site, it's hard not to find an article about the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and it's exponential growth. IHS Markit predicts the installed base of IoT devices will rise from 27B in 2017 to 73B in 2025, fostering entirely new edge-based use cases. Unfortunately, nearly half of businesses — 53% — cannot detect if any of their internet of things devices suffers a cybersecurity breach, after which associated costs are tremendous, on the order of 10% of revenues.

Suavei enables organizations to protect their IoT networks with its patented software solution that detects, classifies, and mitigates massive and growing threats. Our solution is like no other in the industry. Suavei’s SaaS solution uses machine learning algorithms to dynamically automate both device identification and ongoing scan calibrations. Suavei protects IoT devices over 500 times faster than incumbent methods!

Come and join our dynamic startup environment as we lead the way for organizations to benefit from all of IoT's capabilities while intelligently managing cybersecurity threats with Suavei.
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Cybersecurity Technical Marketing Associate

Posted 11 months ago

Suavei was formed by a team of seasoned cybersecurity experts who believe securing the growing army of IoT devices is both feasible and imperative. We have created a revolutionary product that uses Artificial Intelligence to allow its users to secure devices in critical infrastructure in...