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Stugether is your personal learning network. Stugether enables you to create a network of learners based on your learning interests with whom; you can share, communicate, collaborate & learn irrespective of time and place. About us We are a team of like-minded individuals who shares the vision of providing an enhanced learning experience to users as our core value. Our vision is to be the ultimate provider of knowledge and wisdom by eliminating all the restrictions in learning by promoting the informal learning through revolutionary technology. Considering that , we seek to provide rich content covering multiple skill sets along with awesome social experience and many other enhanced features that make online learning a wholesome and fun experience. At Stugether, we believe that a positive vibe is always generated when people interact with each other. This has led us to create a platform wherein there are several avenues for people with common learning interests to gather among and contribute to further their learning experience. We furthermore aim to constantly seek proactive feedback from our users to accentuate their experience. Why should you join Stugether? 1) Fast paced, number focused, performance driven 2) Young team, ability to create and experiment 3) Free beer, coffee, and burgers. 4) Sponsored Superbike rides. 5) We work on the latest technologies and we ensure that you are updated to the latest version ;) 6) At Stugether, you will own what you build - Experience the ownership. And moreover, we assure that you will be proud of what you are building!
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Co Founder and Chief Marketing Officer