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The role of Recruiters is changing. Through increased competition and technology platforms offering alternative hiring methods, our role has evolved into a fine art and science of understanding people and professionally supporting their careers or the hiring needs of your clients. It requires a genuine interest and flair for helping people, whilst having the capacity to understand what drives them and what value they can bring to aa team, or opportunity being hired for.

At Studiotypes, we do this and more, for the Video Games Industry. And we're hiring! So, if you...
- are interested in the Gaming, Visual Effects, Tech or Creative industries
- have experience in Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, or People focused roles
- are interested in psychology, people, culture and making a positive impact
- are able to work autonomously and have a self-motivating, positive attitude
- want to impact people's professional careers and company development
- want to join a growing start-up and be instrumental in defining its culture and success... then read on!

When you join as a Games Recruiter or Studio Consultant, we’ll support you in creating the role you want it to be. If hiring Programmers and Engineers is where you'd like to hone your craft, we’ll map out a game plan that enables you to own that market.

Perhaps you're more of an artistic type that grasps the nuances of what constitutes a great Concept or an Environment Artist for a AAA studio making an action RPG? We’ve got you covered and will help you own that visual space. Whatever your weapon of choice in talent sourcing, we provide a platform to help define your career.

The role offers a great amount of autonomy and the ability to be highly influential with our clients. With that, of course, comes responsibility. So equally, you will work tirelessly to support the needs of the talent we search in the market for and the studios we represent to deliver on their hiring demands.

Recruiting on behalf of over 30 studios globally, some of which are growing their teams significantly, we are not short of opportunity. You will have warm relationships to benefit from on day one, and you will be given the flexibility to develop a market in the best way you see fit.

We're based in East London; our main HQ.
However, we are now open to working with previously *experienced* Recruiters, on a remote basis, from any European location, or alternatively +/- 5 hours from GMT time zone.

Regrettably, due to impractical time differences, applicants from outside of these areas won't be suitable, unfortunately.

Example Locations, that ARE suitable, include;
New York | Montreal - EST Time Zone
Berlin | Amsterdam | Warsaw | Bucharest - CET/CEST Time Zone
Kiev | Moscow - GMT+2 Time Zone

The co-working network we operate in has availability in these cities, meaning we can offer a remote, but fully serviced workspace for prospective hires within our existing network. Regular meet ups and city swaps could form part of this co-working arrangement, so we're now interested in hearing from technical, creative and other Recruitment experts in these locations only, outside of London and the UK.


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