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Strive’s mission is to build a university for working learners to help them achieve their personal and professional potential.

To start, we are building a personalized and practical management training platform to transform managers into leaders.

At Strive, experienced, vetted coaches teach leadership best practices on our proprietary social learning platform. First-time managers and emerging leaders at big companies (Google, Intuit, LinkedIn, Uber) and high growth startups (Hackerone, Tripactions, Nextroll) alike are using and loving Strive (Net Promoter Score is higher than HBS & Wharton).

Strive was founded in 2017 with an early team from Google, YouTube, Amazon and LinkedIn, and raised a $3.8MM seed round from top investors.


Strive is looking for its first product designer to work directly with the CEO, engineering team, and part-time graphic designer to build products, tools, and experiences to improve and scale the leadership development experience.

This role will require you to wear multiple hats –

1. User experience research – Interview and observe existing and
prospective customers to understand their experience, pain points,
challenges, and current workflows. Synthesize research to generate
actionable insights.

2. Product design – Develop low and high fidelity mocks as well as paper
and product prototypes to share with users, prospects, and ultimately the
engineering team to build.

3. Product management – Work with the engineering team to build working
versions of early prototypes. Scope work, discuss deadlines, and work
together to hit ambitious goals.

***ABOUT YOU (Ideally)***
Functional Experience / Skills
Required: 3-6 years of experience working in user experience research
and product design (from user flows/journeys to pixel perfect designs)
Ideal: 2-4 years experience working as a product manager, instructional
designer, curriculum developer, and/or graphic designer
Industry Experience
Required: Experience working at a tech company or startup building
Ideal: Experience working at an educational organization or company
Personal Fit
Missionary, not a mercenary – Someone who really cares about this
category and has “thinking about it in the shower” level enthusiasm for .
education, learning, and/or leadership development
Persistent and resilient with a strong work ethic
Commitment – This role could *either* start out in a part-time, contract
role, or a full-time role, depending on your interest. We hope that either
way it will move towards full-time over time.
Location –
If you were to start as a part-time freelancer, we'd ask that you're one day
/ week in SF. If you're full-time, then it'd be a full time SF role.

***WHY CONSIDER THIS ROLE (aka "What's In It For You?")***
- Impact – Strive improves the lives of its students and their direct reports, making work more meaningful and fulfilling for everyone. Our learners love us, and we love them.

- Interesting Challenges and Product Ownership – we're building the university of the future. There are many fascinating, meaty design and product challenges to solve. As the first product designer, you'll get to own the product's development, building out an impressive portfolio of significant launches that you'll be able to point to the rest of your career.

- Financial Upside – Strive offers generous equity packages, anchoring at the 90th percentile of startups at its stage, so that all employees share in the upside (you'll receive market rate salary and benefits, too – no "for good" discount).

- Growth – Strive is at a critical inflection point, poised to grow substantially in the next year based on product and company success in 2019. Join now and be a leader that both helps shape that growth and benefits it personally as well.

- Team – It's hard to express this on a JD, but we've built a particularly diverse, thoughtful, supportive, and connected team and tribe working together. Work will be meaningful and enjoyable – we practice what we preach.

To apply, visit hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/striveco/view/P_AAAAAAIAAFgEJlx5eJrbBq

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