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Cofounder of @Stripe. Previously: MIT, Auctomatic, reverse engineering iPhone apps, reading books.


Inigo Palileo

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Experienced Program and Product Manager, Worked at eBay, Zynga, Upwork and Earnest. Studied at UC Berkeley.

Inga Galkina

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Donald James

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Kit Evans

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Brian Winter

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Stripe Scaled Sales Manager

Haley Perkins

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Zach Pierce

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Risk @Stripe, formerly Ops @Credible, @Cornell '14

Taylor Francis

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@Stanford University MSCS '09. Made my first $ at age 18 selling software. Worked @Apple @Oracle. Tech Founder @TOTEMS (acquired), joined @Stripe in ‘15.
Buidling @Balance. Worked at @Stripe & @Ethereum

Rafael Plantier

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banking for Stripe
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Former team

Megan Elgart

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Mark McGranaghan

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Lachy Groom

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Shirley Miao

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Jonathan Hernandez

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Diede van Lamoen

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