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Full Stack Engineer, Connect

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Full Stack Engineer

Full stack engineers use their combinatory powers to bring systems together to build amazing experiences.

At Stripe, we are working hard at growing the GDP of the internet by building products and processes to help run an online business. Full stack engineers at Stripe push us further towards that goal by bridging the gap between backend and frontend systems to solve technical challenges quickly and effectively. You will work on projects that span technologies, systems, and processes where you will design, test, and ship great code every day. In this cross functional role, you will collaborate with experts in infrastructure, design, and operations to build mission critical internal and external features that powers Stripe users around the world.

## You will:

- Work with a wide range of systems, processes and technologies to own and solve problems from end-to-end
- Build new features for internal and external users
- Uphold our high engineering standards and bring consistency to the many codebases and processes you will encounter
- Collaborate with stakeholders across the organization such as experts product, design, infrastructure, and operations

## You may be fit for this role if you:

- Enjoy being a generalist working on both the frontend, backend, and anything it takes to solve problems and delight users both internally and externally
- Thrive in a collaborative environment involving different stakeholders and subject matter experts
- Take pride in working on projects to successful completion involving a wide variety of technologies and systems
- Can stitch together many different services and processes together even if you have not worked with the before
- Can put yourself in the shoes of your users and be a steward of crafting great experiences
- Enjoy working with a diverse group of people with different expertise
- Uphold best practices in engineering, security, and design

## You might work on:

- Adding new functionality to the Stripe dashboard to help users run their business
- Build tools for exploring data from multiple sources in a single, easy to use, portal
- Crafting and refining onboarding experiences to help users get to what they want faster while balancing regulatory, risk, and compliance requirements

## What’s it like to work in engineering at Stripe?

## Inclusive culture — A core part of our engineering culture is our commitment to building an actively inclusive work environment that makes Stripe an excellent home for everyone

## End-to-end ownership — For any given project, we have one person on point. While they don’t necessarily have to do all the work themselves, it’s their job to make sure all the work gets done.

## Bias towards action — We launch betas and prototypes as early as we can. (The first version of Stripe, for example, had a beta user as soon as we could charge a credit card—even before we could pay out those charges!) This helps ensure that we’re building what users actually want.

## Part of the community — We contribute to existing projects and the people working on them, and we release several tools as open-source.

## What’s it like to work at Stripe?

## Stripe is helping the internet fulfill its potential as a platform for economic progress by building software tools that accelerate global economic access and technological development. Stripe makes it easy to start, run and scale an internet business from anywhere in the world.

## Stripe is, at its heart, an engineering company. To provide a missing pillar of core internet infrastructure, we hire people with a broad set of technical skills (and from a wide variety of backgrounds) who are ready to take on some of the most challenging problems in the industry -- from reliably handling 100M API requests per day, to building adaptive machine learning as a result of years of data science and infrastructure work, and enabling entrepreneurs worldwide to start a global internet business.

## We look at Stripe as a constant work in progress and the same is true of our people; for all of us, we believe the best is yet to come. We're here to support each other in our curiosity and creativity -- which we pursue through thoughtful discussion and knowledge-sharing among a diverse set of peers and colleagues.

## We encourage all engineers to transition teams once every year and a half and also take on short-term projects with other teams across Stripe. This enables engineers to learn how different parts of Stripe work while also establishing stronger ties and cross-pollination between groups.

## We contribute to existing open-source projects and the people working on them, and we release several tools as open-source.

## We want to work in a company of warm, inclusive people who treat their colleagues exceptionally well. The kind of people who are committed to going out of their way to help other Stripes in the short-term and pushing them to improve over the long-term (by helping them to get better at what they do).

## We’re a highly cross-functional organization and view that as part of the fun: we design our space to encourage as much collaboration as possible. We have long tables in the kitchen for a reason (to enable everyone to meet new people and learn from them). We also have a culture of transparency that we carry through to email communication, ensuring that Stripes all around the world have the information they need to make good local decisions.

## In both our products and our people, we aim to reflect, represent and advocate for all of our users, globally. Our users transcend geography, culture and language; what we share, collectively, is a drive to create a fairer, more economically interconnected world.

## Our shipping culture How we recruit Guide to the onsite interview (PDF)

Inclusive coverage

We offer comprehensive mental, physical, and medical health plans, supporting Stripes’ financial futures, providing fertility benefits and parental leave.

A principled approach to food

Our food program work with local ingredients and grows a global team through sustainable food practices and minimal waste.

Growth by the way of learning

We are voracious learners and teachers. Our Education team delivers an onboarding and product training curriculum for all new Stripes, and hosts expert-led courses on things like project management fundamentals and macroeconomics.

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