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Our mantra: THINK Big. START Small. MOVE Fast. - First do it. Then do it right. Then do it better. We love dogs (and have an office dog, Athena), travel, exploring, laughing, building, hiking, experimenting, playing, achieving. We have 15 core values or operating principles that we believe are essential in individuals and a high performing startup team. They are: 1. Arete (pursue excellence with purpose) 2. Speed (push for impact per unit of time) 3. Grit (courage and resolve; creating great is rarely easy or fast) 4. Balance (full picture of complex, handle tension of opposites) 5. Daring (act with integrity, be bold, take smart risks) 6. Responsible for results (think and act like a CEO or person most impacted) 7. 80/20 (focused on ROI, nose for value, highest impact for least effort) 8. Resourceful (scrappy, improvise, do more with less) 9. Proactive (think and act ahead) 10. Objective (use data and logic for decisions) 11. United (all for one and one for all, teamwork) 12. Fun (appreciate each other and experiences, sense of humor) 13. Growth mindset (Always be learning, improve 1% daily) 14. Adventurous (curious, smart risks, practical optimism, enjoy the moment) 15. Trustworthy (say what you mean, do what you say)

Perks and benefits

Health insurance

Up to $4,000 in health insurance benefits or transfer them to travel credits if your spouse provides coverage.

Generous stock options

All fulltime employees get generous stock options as part of their compensation package.

$5,000 in vacation travel credits!

Use up to $5,000 per year to travel on trips by Stride travel partners. Talk about 'paid vacation'!

Group lunches

2 team lunches per week.