Rex Madden

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Currently Co-Founder/CTO Magellan & Co-Founder/Board Member Stride Consulting
Founder/CEO of Stride Consulting. Serial female tech entrepreneur. 2 time Inc 500 CEO. Author of Hire Women.


Vic Eng

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Full-stack programmer, team lead, software architect, teacher, agile evangelist. 18 years full-stack experience. Soft skills, hard skills, people person!

Tyrone Green

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Zachary Schneider

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All things growth

Rohit Aggarwal

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Over 15 years of experience building software for companies such as Sony Music Entertainment, AIG, Duncan Hines, CHANEL, Ubisoft, IMG Media, Wrigley, and Pfizer

Julia Berchem

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Worked at Stride Consulting. Went to University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Matt Landers

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MS, Computer Science (ML emphasis) student at Johns Hopkins. Software engineer at Stride Consulting. Two-time startup founder. Four patents issued.

Ben Blair

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Michael Nunez

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Work for Stride. Bronx Native. Srs Bsns

AnnMarie Nunez

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Adam Trilling

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Travis Vander Hoop

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Business-value-obsessed software developer with an inexplicable ability to get people excited.

Claire Dranginis

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Full stack web developer, proficient in JavaScript, Node.js, Express, AngularJS, SQL, Sequelize, and HTML/CSS

David DiPanfilo

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I like software development, entrepreneurship, and people. Reach out at
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Rex Madden

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Currently Co-Founder/CTO Magellan & Co-Founder/Board Member Stride Consulting

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Danny Catalano

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Mitch Babineaux

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Lisa van Gelder

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Jeremy M Leakakos

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R Tee

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Aldric Giacomoni

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