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Adithya Narayan

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NLP Research Intern @Stride.ai(Present);Computer Vision @ Edhitha UAS(One of India's top 5 student UAV teams)(2017-2018)

Abhishek Parashar

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Working as a Senior UI Engineer. JavaScript | ECMAScript | Angular 8 | HTML | CSS | Bootstrap | Gulp | NPM | Unit Testing |

Titus Thomas

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Machine learning. Deep Learning. Computer Vision, NLP. I like to study human-centric data, e.g - sentiment, emotion.

Vinodkumar Kouthal

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Gaurav Shegokar

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Co-Founder: OFY | MetroMidnight, Excellent academic background, Software Engineer@Infibeam, Project Intern@Persistent, DataScience Specialisation Certification
Founding member and CTO at Stride.AI, Techstars 2016

Jeevith Bopaiah

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Former team

Arjun Rao

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Nihal Nayak

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Vishal Panjeta

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Shishira R Maiya

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Kruthika Vishwanath

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Ashwin Hariharan

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