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Creating a Grit-based Economy

Program and Marketing Associate

$40k – $56k
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Street Entrepreneurs is an accelerator of, by, and for entrepreneurs. This dynamic job requires a ready-to-learn and problem-solving attitude. The focus of the job will change seasonally. We are looking for someone who can start right away, yet we are willing to make it work for the right candidate.

October to January
Focus: Helping secure thousands of applicants to ultimately select 1,000 entrepreneurs.
• Marketing the Street Entrepreneurs 2020 accelerator program
• Designing promotional flyers
• Crafting Google and social media advertising campaigns
• Implement creative tactics to recruit participants
• Positioning the accelerator’s educational and mentorship offerings
• Mobilizing and activating networks
• Recruiting a team of volunteers to place flyers around every metro stop and in every ward of the District
• Identifying networks and leading direct outreach
• Representing Street Entrepreneurs at speaking engagements that present an opportunity to recruit prospective participants
• Press Outreach
• Writing press releases and articles on upcoming programming
• Pitching multi-media outlets: radio, blogs, news, tv, and other communications vehicles

January to May
Focus: Running a minimum of 48 workshops and mentoring circles throughout wards 1 to 8.
• Program management and event planning
• Coordinate with multiple space partners to schedule workshops and other events
• Keep track of workshop logistics including food orders, supplies, printing, and PowerPoints
• Send follow-up emails to participants after each module
• Volunteer management
• Recruit professional volunteers to teach workshops on sales, marketing, operations, accounting and finance, communications, and design thinking
• Enlist volunteers to assist during workshops, check-in participants, take photographs and mentor businesses
• Facilitate discussions and introductions
• You will be trained to lead peer mentorship sessions
• Introduce lectures and interface with participants
• Connect entrepreneurs to industry mentors and skill coaches
• Curriculum development
• Work with a consultant to document Street Entrepreneur’s program curricula
• Research didactic methods and iterate on our course offerings

May to September
Focus: Planning Street Pitch (SP) a live production that will be broadcasted via a simulcast on Facebook for millions of people.
• Sponsorship
• Researching and securing partners for SP 2020
• Creating pitch decks for sponsors
• Pitching prospective sponsors and leading initial discussions
• Securing a minimum of 50 Facebook live-casting partners
• Relationships and project management
• Managing relationships with SP vendors, judges, and promoting partners
• Prepping 8 to 20 finalists
• Ensuring finalists have complete business plans, pitch decks, and flawless pitches
• Connecting finalists to additional resources, and coaches
• Media outreach
• Creating SP press release, flyers, and graphic handouts
• Pitching multimedia channels
• Angling narrative and writing stories about finalists and program as a whole

Year-round responsibilities:
• Activate various stakeholders via mass email campaigns
• Track the success of outreach and constantly iterate on efforts
• Develop a sales funnel for various stakeholders
• Utilize and customize Salesforce
• Update website content
• Create marketing materials
• Represent Street Entrepreneurs at speaking engagements
• Recruit and manage a team of interns and volunteers to assist you
• Document procedures and systems
• Assist in grant writing and impact evaluations
• Support grant management and reporting

Compensation and Benefits: Base salary of $40,000 plus a bonus of up to $16,000 if key milestones are met. These milestones will be discussed during the recruitment process. This job offers a small stipend for healthcare and retirement options.
Schedule and Location: This position offers flexible hours and some remote work opportunities. You will be commuting to various locations throughout the city. From January to May the working week will be from Thursday to Monday.

Opportunities for rapid growth: This role is the training ground for the Street Entrepreneurs Program Director.

To apply, send your resume to Juliana@streetentrepreneurs.org and answer one of the following questions in the body of the email.
1. When was the last time you convinced someone to volunteer or donate to a cause you believe in?
2. Tell me about an event you organized? How many people attended?
3. Tell me about a time you felt overwhelmed and how you dealt with it?
4. What does racial equity mean to you?

Applicants will be considered on a rolling basis until November 7, 2020.