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Street Entrepreneurs ignites the power of small business founders creating positive change. We cultivate inclusive communities and create access to knowledge, connections, and capital.

We envision a grit-based economy where every person with grit and hustle has access to the resources needed to sustainably solve the problems impacting their lives, their communities, and our world.

1. We believe in human ingenuity and its capacity to bring about progress. There are so many challenges facing our world from climate change and its impact on the food chain to homeless veterans and refugees displaced by war. We do not have the luxury to prioritize because it is all urgent and vital. We must multiply our impact, and the most sustainable and scalable way to do this is to support entrepreneurs working to solve local problems with a global footprint.

2. We believe entrepreneurship is the most powerful way to alleviate poverty and create upward mobility. Currently, we live in a world where too many individuals work full-time jobs and still live in poverty. The creation of startups and small businesses can change this.

3. We believe that both small businesses and high-growth startups deserve support and amplification. From AI-technologies helping individuals on the spectrum communicate, to catering companies hiring veterans, and eco-friendly high-heel shoes, Street Entrepreneurs values drive above all else.

4. We believe that education should be accessible to all; which is why we provide pay-what-you-can workshops.

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