Avatar for Street Entrepreneurs

Creating a Grit-based Economy


1. Fiercely self-driven. We take ownership and pride in our work. Like the entrepreneurs we serve, we are radically self-reliant—when we don’t know something, we figure it out.
2. Intentionally communicative and supportive. We conduct daily, brief team check-ins and check-outs, and regularly share progress and personal updates. We recognize that the “leave your personal life at the door” approach is impossible and antiquated. Naturally, peoples’ lives impact their work, and team awareness allows us to support each other.
3. Mindfulness. The work we do can be emotionally exhausting; to prevent burn-out, we encourage meditation, intention setting, and rely on one another to enable restoration spaces. We believe that rested teams produce the best work and that flexible hours and remote work maximizes productivity.
4. Passionate. If you are complacent with the way things are, you do not belong at Street Entrepreneurs. We believe accepting the status quo is the laziest way to kill progress.
5. Innovative. For us, “no” means “how might we?” We are comfortable being pioneers and celebrate failures daily. If you are not failing, you are not trying new things. We empathize, co-create, test small, fail big, iterate, try again, and scale.