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At Street Contxt we solve problems worth solving.

We hire exceptional people, we unapologetically expect exceptional things from our team, and in return we treat our team exceptionally well. Each member of our team has the opportunity to pursue their own professional development through stretch assignments and significant budget allocated to every team member to pursue mastery of their craft.

We believe in the value of a transparent workplace and full disclosure – you’ll see everything from complete board decks to annual plans. In joining Street Contxt you can expect a world-class education in business building and whether you choose to stay aboard for a few months, or a few years – your career will be better for it.

Fit at Street Contxt necessitates the ability to operate without an ego and a high level of integrity. Being individually exceptional is simply not enough, you must also be exceptionally humble.

Above all else, we are real, authentic, and vulnerable people who are held together by trust and a sense of humour. We know what is expected of us, and know how to have fun along the way. Startups are hard, there’s no way around it, and we don’t make things harder by taking ourselves too seriously. We know how and when to relax, have fun, and we build meaningful relationships with one other.
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