Next-generation HTML5 video optimization technology

Next-generation HTML5 video optimization technology

Streamroot is a market leader in innovative OTT video optimisation technologies for content publishers, network service providers and enterprise customers. Our core technology - Streamroot DNA™ - is a crucial foundation for building profitable over-the-top video strategies. An Infrastructure as a Service solution, Streamroot DNA™ Distributed Network Architecture harnesses the power of distributed delivery networks to heighten QoE and drastically cut delivery cost. This ground-breaking technology works by creating a secure mesh network to dynamically and intelligently deliver video segments from the quickest source available, whether it be a user device or a traditional CDN. By multi-sourcing content delivery, Streamroot DNA™ offers viewers higher quality, while providing infinite scale-up potential for the content provider. Priced under a fixed-subscription model, Streamroot DNA™ cuts delivery expenses by over 50%, helping publishers scale their platforms profitably.

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Founder @STREAMROOT@Techstars Boston & @lecamping-deleted Alumni • Worked @Rocket Internet • Studied @Ecole Centrale Paris
Co-Founder & CEO @STREAMROOT • Studied at @Ecole Centrale Paris • Alumni @Techstars & @lecamping-deleted
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