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Cloud Native Event Streaming powered by Apache Pulsar

Cloud Native Event Streaming powered by Apache Pulsar

StreamNative offers an event streaming platform based on Apache Pulsar that enables companies to access enterprise data as real-time streams.

Apache Pulsar acts as a real-time, fault-time, highly scalable and unified event streaming platform. It is widely adopted by many companies globally, from internet giants, gaming companies, IoT companies, financial institutes to many other enterprises. By leveraging the Apache Pulsar technology, StreamNative Platform enables the leaders in industries such as gaming, financial services, blockchain, retail, logistics, manufacturing, media and IoT, move data from isolated legacy systems into one real-time event streaming platform where they can act on immediately.

Sijie Guo

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Founder and CEO of @StreamNative • Alum of @Tencent @Yahoo, @Twitter • ASF Member, Apache Pulsar / BookKeeper PMC Member.

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