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Stream is an API for building and scaling activity feeds and chat

Senior Python Developer & Machine Learning - Amsterdam

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Stream is an API for building, scaling and personalizing feeds. Our users access Stream via a blazing fast, highly-available and simple to use API service. We run on a very complex tech stack, optimized for performance and availability. Stream uses machine learning and big data to help our customers improve how information is discovered online. Stream's technology already reaches over 300 million users and with your help we’d like to add a few zeroes to that number.


We are looking for a talented Python programmer with an affinity for machine learning to join our development team in Amsterdam. Your responsibilities will include analyzing activity feed engagement data through machine learning to show the right content to the user. You will work with our customers to tweak customized algorithms for their specific applications and needs. This involves investigating the data across all of Stream’s customers, all users of a particular application, and individual user accounts.

This role is not a full-time machine learning role, but primarily a Senior Python developer role with data science and machine learning.


- 3-5 years (or more) of Python programming experience
- 1 or more years with Django REST Framework or comparable tooling
- In-depth experience with relational databases and NoSQL databases
- Demonstrated skill with Scikit-learn, Pandas and Numpy experience
- Dedication to test-driven development and continuous integration

Nice to have

- API Development
- Accustomed to being part of high-level and low-level customer calls (both technical and non-technical customers)
- Public speaking and blogging
- Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science or prior engineering experience

Machine learning / Data science skills

Ideally, you have some ML/DS skills, but we're mostly looking for a strong Python developer who happens to be into ML/DS as well. Knowledge of common ML algorithms will be helpful, such as Collaborative filtering, Matrix Factorization, Graph Algorithms (PageRank, Hubs and Authorities, Triadic Closures), Latent Semantic Indexing, Approximate Nearest Neighbor techniques, Boosted Decision Trees, etc.

Bonus Points

- Experience with Jupyter Notebooks
- Experience with Multi-Armed Bandits, Bayesian Personalized Rankings and Factorization Machines
- Experience with PyTorch and/or TensorFlow.
- Experience with other programming languages

Why should you apply?

- You enjoy solving technical challenges by thinking out of the box and having a strong understanding of the underlying technology
- You want to work at the core of technology that powers activity feeds for over 200 million end users
- You understand that working at a startup is demanding; however, you like the autonomy that comes from not dealing with layers of management to get things done
- You are excited to be part of an exceptional team with years of experience in this domain
- We run an exchange program where employees spend two weeks in the sister office to get to know the whole team face-to-face.


Stream employees enjoy some of the best benefits in the industry:

- Competitive salary (listed salary indications are applicable to employment in the Netherlands)
- Equity in Stream
- Healthy team lunches
- Chance to meet our team in Boulder
- Great espresso coffee and teas
- Office location in the center of Amsterdam
- Be surrounded daily by a team of exceptional engineers
- Opportunity and support to attend and/or present to industry-related conferences and meetups
- Opportunity to work on OSS projects


Stream consists of a talented group of people who are passionate about innovating an incredible product. We care about each aspect of product development, whether it’s design, data science, development or the monitoring on our servers.

Stream has a casual social culture, our team is very diverse in age, nationality and we all have different backgrounds. Our Amsterdam team is very focused, you will see us heads-down coding or drawing complex charts on whiteboards until we pop up to have a chat or play merciless games of ping-pong.

When it comes to software engineering our culture is oriented towards ownership and quality: our goal is to deliver stable software that focuses on solving only the right problems. While driven by ambitious visions we execute with great pragmatism. The team is highly technical and collaborative, which makes Stream a great place to learn and to improve your skills.

If you are up for the challenge, apply now!

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