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Visual AI platform for Mining and Infrastructure industry

Computer Vision & Machine Learning Engineer

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At Strayos, we are transforming the Mining, Infrastructure and Civil engineering industry through our advanced visual intelligence software platform that our customers use on a daily basis to make key operational and business decisions.We are creating the Automated Jobsite of the Future. This involves automating heavy machinery; using imagery, videos, and IoT sensors to analyze productivity and efficiency of jobsites on construction and mining sites and bringing all of these AI and machine learning platforms to the edge with node devices.

About the Role:
This role within our Photogrammetry or Computer Vision/ML team is responsible for contributing to the design, implementation and maintenance of new software algorithms of our platform that Strayos delivers to Mining and Infrastructure industry. The successful candidate will love collaborating on high energy, Agile teams and working with product team to build new photogrammetry analytics tools.

What you’ll do:
-You'll be working on developing new computer vision and image processing technologies for drone/UAV image processing related applications.
-You’ll define technical roadmap and work on cutting edge technology in computer vision and machine learning.
-You’ll develop 2D or 3D object detection and segmentation algorithms using RGB and point cloud data
-You’ll design algorithms and methods for 3D object classification algorithms
-You’ll benchmark algorithms based on speed, accuracy and robustness.
-You’ll implement efficient data structures to enable faster image processing.
-Develop practical solutions and ML/DL models alongside the AI team that are scalable and production-ready
-Modularity: Thoughtfully constructing our ML stack so that modules can be used for different use cases. Think micro-services rather than a single monolithic application.
-Production-readiness: Ability to integrate ML models into Strayos existing cloud and application infrastructure. Even prototypes must be built with final production in mind.

-Graduate degree in Machine Learning, Computer Science, or Artificial Intelligence
- Experience working in applied photogrammetry technology.
-Strong applied math skills in linear algebra, 2D/3D geometry, and numerical methods (polynomial/Fourier approximations, ordinary differential equations, linear & non-linear optimizations, error analysis, etc)
- Experience with structure-from-motion(SFM) algorithms covering central/noncentral camera models, bundle adjustment, multi-view stereo, structure from shading
-Experience with computer vision, machine learning and CNNs and related frameworks including Caffe, Torch or Tensorflow
-Experience with developing software in Python, C++

Nice to have:
-Experience with UAV, VR or Robotics is a plus
-Experience deploying solutions to AWS or Azure cloud services a plus.
-Experience working with both in-house and remote/global teams
-You have strong contributions in development communities, open source projects, or forums.
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Visa sponsorship
Not Available
2+ years
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Ravi Sahu

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Visual AI platform for Mining and Infrastructure industry

Strayos focuses on Machine Learning, Construction, Utilities, Computer Vision, and Mining Technologies. Their company has offices in Buffalo. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.strayos.com/ or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Visual AI platform for Mining and Infrastructure industry