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Product for Super Automation of Learning and Development

Senior Cloud Engineer (SCE)

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Stratbeans' leadership team from IIT and IIM grads, is looking forward to candidates for the position of Senior Cloud Engineer (SCE).

If you are an innovative and entrepreneurial technologist stuck in a time loop,working in large/small company, as you dream for an opportunity where your ideas can be realized into elegant software solutions in team work with like minded technologists, Stratbeans is the place for you.

We are looking for hands on PHP technologist who should have a knack to lead a team of software developers.

We develop web & mobile SaaS software product, like GoPerform (Machine learning based search engine), Atum-Barium Learning Management system, Doctor E learning (E learning Optimization Tool). Our technology in the web/mobile product/service space and we use LAMP based stack over AWS, with PHP, Python, ElasticSearch, AR integration, Oculus Rift VR, NLTK, Tensorflow, Various AI Api for Image Recognition, Text Recognition, Language Translation.

SCE is expected to take ownership and provide successful cloud solution for our products, be able to modernize our infrastructure

Moreover, for SCEs who exhibit great performance with us, Stratbeans will be extending stock options and other core group benefits.

Goal #1 : A happy client is what we all are working for.

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What is it like to be a SCE at Stratbeans

Product team is of small size, Being a small setup roles have flavours like these:
Learn from Seniors: You get to report directly to the CTO and learn from his technical and non technical experiences. Shadow sales team head for client session to learn business dynamics.
Contribute Ideas : You can suggest with newer product features, improvement in existing technology and upon concensus get to bring those features to life
Engage with Client + Show and tell : You lead with the client at all stage of engagement, requirement analysis, technical challenge which are to be solved, showing(-off) new features
Performant Software : You need to ensure that product performance and health is always high, by engaging with QA team and also running project to improve
Current technology : Make use of all the new age technology to up the stack, be it AI, ML, Cloud, ElasticSearch, Chatbot etc
Integrate : Create interesting integration to solve the learning challenge of how to make people learn better or how to have system that can help corporates perform better
Social Learning : Attend Conferences and Session to upgrade yourself and bringing those know how to seed newer ideas for Goal #1 above
Share Learnings : Learns new technical online and shares it by giving 30 mins knowledge sessions
Personal Tech Branding : Create technology blogs for creating a personal branding and presence on our corporate blog
Camaradiere : Create Camaradiere with team of great developers we have, run mini hackathons etc

3 - 5 Years experience

Location : Bangalore

Must Have
Setup/Managing Linux Servers on Amazon
EC2, EBS, ELB, SSL, Security Groups, RDS and IAM
API Gateway, S3, DynamoDB, Elasticache,
step functions, Kinesis, CFT, Cognito, SQS, SNS, RDS, R53,
CloudFront, Load Balancers, AutoScaling, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, Elastic Search, VPC & networking concepts
Linux Adminstration
Deep knowledge of linux admin (Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat, SUSE Linux)
Configure security layer properly at server level. Firewalls, WAF, ufw. Create automation to detect thwart any intrusion or other attacks
Configuration Management
Must have strong experience in configuration management tools like Puppet and Ansible
Scripting for Automation
Must have experience in Shell scripting; Past experience in executing Ruby
scripts is desirable
Chatops using Slack
Lambda scripts
Version Control
Past experience working in variety of source control platforms such as Git, Bitbucket, SVN is mandatory
Application Performance
Profile the application and be able to find out the bottlenecks (Automatic Detection of Failure)
Ensure proper fault free functioning of our software product
Apache server tuning
MySQL server turning
Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing and Continuous Deployment
Docker and Kubrnetes / Docker Swarm
CI/CD : Manage and Develop further our CI system. Maintain and feature upgrade on the Jenkins system
Cost Performance on Cloud
Reduce cost of implementation by identifying bottlenecks
Release management
Knowledge Leadership
Publish whitepapers/blogs focused on cloud technologies and share with team

Stratbeans Consulting (Bangalore) at a glance

Product for Super Automation of Learning and Development

Stratbeans Consulting (Bangalore) focuses on Machine Learning, Hr Tech, and Global. Their company has offices in Bengaluru. They have a mid-size team that's between 51-200 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.stratbeans.com

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