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Stratbeans' leadership team from IIT and IIM grads, is looking forward to candidates for the position of PHP Technical Lead (TL).

If you are an innovative and entrepreneurial technologist stuck in a time loop,working in large/small company, as you dream for an opportunity where your ideas can be realized into elegant software solutions in team work with like minded technologists, Stratbeans is the place for you.

We are looking for hands on PHP technologist who should have a knack to lead a team of software developers.

We develop web & mobile SaaS software product, like GoPerform (Machine learning based search engine), Atum-Barium Learning Management system, Doctor E learning (E learning Optimization Tool). Our technology in the web/mobile product/service space and we use LAMP based stack over AWS, with PHP, Python, ElasticSearch, AR integration, Oculus Rift VR, NLTK, Tensorflow, Various AI Api for Image Recognition, Text Recognition, Language Translation.
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Senior PHP Tech Lead

Posted 3 months ago
  • Should be currently working as a MVC Developer and should have worked on MVC Platforms like YII / Laravel etc. for at least 3 Years.
  • Candidate should be from a demonstrable programming background either from CS or by nature of the job the candidate has been part of complex product development solutioning. We prefer candidate with Product development background