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Non-invasive smart sensor and connected AI platform for respiratory health management

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Do you want to make a meaningful impact on the world with your work? Do you want the freedom to work on projects that you find most interesting and make your own decisions? Do you want to learn how to be your own boss? Do you want to work for a startup that does something more than just build an app?

Come join us at Strados Labs.

We are an early-stage health technology company based in Philadelphia with a truly boostrapped start. We have a small team with diverse backgrounds and experiences. The founders have degrees from Ivy League schools, medical schools and MBA programs across the country and have worked in management consulting, finance, biomedical research and design.

Come learn what it takes to start your own company and how to bring a new product to market. We aren't just building another app. We are making a product that can make a difference for the lives of millions of people looking to breathe better and live better.

Remote monitoring is a $500 million business in the U.S. will continue to grow at 13% for the next decade. Join us on our journey at Strados Labs.
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MarComm Manager

Posted 2 months ago

How You Will Help:

Strados Labs is seeking a seasoned Marketing Manager to take ownership of our commercial launch for the RESP™ product, to communicate our clinical benefits and advantages to customers and to lead the effort to market at scale. This role collaborates across departments like cli...

Software Engineer

Full Stack Developer

The Full Stack Developer will develop a full-stack web application that will process, analyze and visually render data captured from our wearable respiratory monitoring device. This position will also develop an associated administrative portal.

Software Engineer

Mobile Developer

Posted 1 month ago

The Mobile Developer will develop the patient-facing mobile application that will collect patient data as well as connect to our wearable respiratory monitoring device.

• Architect and instantiate user-friendly and secure mobile application
• Design and implement an agile soft...