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Jaron Gilinsky

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Founder and CEO @Storyhunter • Guerilla Video journalism pioneer • Former NYT, Time, and Current TV journalist.


Hubie Pilkington

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Oversee account management and creative partnerships at @Storyhunter.

Jordan Rapaport

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Account Manager at Storyhunter Field Organizer at Florida Institute of Reform and Empowerment Events Manager at Spacebar

Dan Raveh

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COO @Storyhunter Principal @Commerce Ventures Worked at @Google Studied at @Wharton School

Daniel Pacheco

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BD, sales and account management. Working at Storyhunter. Worked at Livestream for 6 years. Knows video.

Board members and advisors

Paul Barnes Hoggett

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Founder & CTO of Alice Financial. Tech leader & product creator. Previously @Adobe Systems and consulting to @Nike , @Microsoft, @Verizon Wireless & others

Jonathan Ellman

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Jonathan Ellman

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Former team

Stephanie Gaweda

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David Berkowitz

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Eric Paternot

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Douglas Cody

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Mariana Keller

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Zain Khan

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