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Andy McLoughlin

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Partner @Uncork Capital (formerly SoftTech VC) investing in B2B. Co-founder @Huddle. Angel @Postmates, @Bugsnag, @Intercom, @Pipedrive, @Calm @tray.io + 30 more. Product, brand, GTM.

Jeremy Yap

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i'm just happy to be here

Kima Ventures

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Investing in 2 to 3 startups per week, all over the world.

Richard Fearn

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Director at 'The Friday Club London.' Ad-man. Angel investor. Ex Break-dancer. Dad of two boys into Barbie, jelly & fighting. The boys. Not me.
Founder @Playfair Capital and @Warner Yard, investor in 50+ startups worldwide, Burner + co-founder @ooliganalley

Malte Barth

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Entrepreneur and Advisor at Runway Capital

Ben Garney

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First hire @GarageGames - Instant Action, Co-founder @PushButton Labs , Founder @THE Engine Company (Loom SDK sold to @Game Closure ).

Adrian M

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Media, content and tech. VP of Strategic Partnerships at Lionsgate. Previous experience at Warner Bros, Universal, and Citigroup.

Sunil Gunderia

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Chief Strategy Officer, Age of Learning. Manage teams building data driven educational products that will change lives. Past mobile/digital exec @ Disney.
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