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Developing decentralized cloud storage at a fraction of the cost for users

Developing decentralized cloud storage at a fraction of the cost for users

Storj leverages P2P technologies, cryptography, blockchain, and the drivers of the sharing economy to create the world's largest, cheapest, and safest cloud.

Storj's business model is a marketplace for object storage, with a supply side (storage capacity) and demand side (storage usage).

The supply side of our business model allows users to sell their storage space directly to developers around the world via Storj. Everyone from a home PC user, up to an enterprise data center, can earn money by sharing their excess storage capacity - we call it "farming". Come join us, share a bit of your hard drive, and "Be the Cloud!": storj.io/share.html.

The demand side of our business model provides simple, secure, and performant object storage for developers and businesses around the world at 1/2 the cost of traditional cloud storage providers. If you are a developer, come and try us out as an alternative to AWS S3: storj.io/developers.html.

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John Quinn

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Co-founder of Storj, Chief Revenue Officer, focus on revs and capital formation. Co-founder of Decentral Park, General Partner, head of Investment Committee.
Graphics tutorial series with 3.6M views on YouTube. Bitcoin developer. Crowdfunded $500k for Storj Project. BS - Morehouse 14'

Tome Boshevski

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Co-Founder & Chief Design @Storj Labs. Founded Jadi.me and provided critical design experience to Cylindo. Passion for pixel-perfection and crypto.
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