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Minecraft but for teaching writing.

Minecraft but for teaching writing.

StoriumEdu is a game-based learning platform that turns reluctant students into motivated writers.

A sobering 73% of US K-12 students cannot write at grade-level proficiency. This crucial problem must be addressed if we are to build a more informed and empathetic society, and to prepare the next generation for a changing workplace that will increasingly value 21st-century skills like communication and creativity.

StoriumEdu addresses this problem by turning writing exercises into engaging collaborative online games, using unique mechanics that motivate students to improve their writing skills while learning at their own pace. We recently tested a prototype in over two dozen schools. Teachers uniformly reported improvement in writing quality and volume, and students were delighted by the experience.

Josh Whiting

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CTO & Cofounder of StoriumEdu. Formerly cofounder at Blockboard (acquired by Klout), senior engineer at Craigslist, engineering mgr for del.icio.us at Yahoo!

Stephen Hood

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Co-founder & CEO of StoriumEdu. Formerly co-founder of Blockboard (acq Klout), director of product for del.icio.us, and PM for Yahoo Search and BEA WebLogic.

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