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School Excellence Manager

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Position Purpose & Key Responsibilities:

We are looking to hire an academic co-ordinator for our partner school engagement, you are passionate about educating young minds and believe that learning outcomes are achieved best when children are made to learn in non-threatening, playful and engaging environments.

You understand the language development milestones for young children, believe reading is a critical life skill and are capable enough to convince the educational practitioners to create the right space and appropriate strategies for optimized learning.

You understand the need for technology in education and, are adaptive to the use of technological platforms for engagement and support.

Your responsibilities will include

* You will engage with our existing and new partner schools to ensure the implementation of all our programs and offerings.

* You will understand the depth of our content and its importance, handle the academic queries and provide academic inputs in respect to the program including, teacher support through teacher interactions and trainings; online and onsite.

* You will manage relationships and will look to delight the educational practitioners with every contact of yours - in person, over the phone or with your emails/messages as you support them for program implementation throughout the year.

* You will help maximise client engagement on our digital platform. The aforementioned platform helps program implementation monitoring, provides support and builds teacher capability.

* You will engage with the parents from time to time, to help them understand the program benefits, solve their queries and help them adopt and adapt to our parent engagement platform.

* You will receive feedback and comments from partner institutes with an open mind and, work closely with the academic team to ensure that the client queries are satisfied and all the program commitments are well met.

* You will be well-versed with Microsoft Office or similar systems and will document your engagements succinctly and meaningfully.

Desirable Attributes:

* Excellent English language proficiency
* Knowledge of language development milestones in Young Learners (Pre-school and primary years)
* An attitude that is centred on meeting client goals and furthering our mission and vision.
* Good Interpersonal and Communication skills
* Results-driven attitude and a growth mindset towards learning and teaching
* A willingness to travel at short notice

Key Factor for Success:
* Alignment to the vision & mission with an aim to create deep real-world impact
* Energetic, flexible, and ‘do whatever you can to make it work’ attitude

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