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Homework via mobile phone for teachers & learners

Homework via mobile phone for teachers & learners

Sterio.me engages learners outside the classroom, to reinforce learning, with interactive audio and SMS quizzes and lessons, triggered by a SMSing a short code to our number.

Sterio.me is accessible to learners with a basic phone, without requiring internet access, and also supports SMS lessons, so full reading/writing/listening/speaking pedagogy is offered.

Whilst mobile penetration in Africa is over 83%, basic phones still dominate with 62.7% having GSM-only phones and 27% having 2G phones . More than 60% of the global population is offline (1 in 6 Africans use the internet, 2013). Teachers frequently spend 10-20 hours per week on the homework process. In for example Uganda only 45% of the teaching day is spent teaching. We save teachers significant amounts of time by automating the homework preparation, distribution, marking and administration process.

We also have a native Android & Web app for more developing markets, the revenue of which sponsors the African implementation.

Danielle Reid

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I design meaningful digital products. Currently Lead Director of Design, @Toptal Prev Co-founder: @Sterio.me , @Capsule.fm & @Snapcat.

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