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SaaS to manage technical debt

SaaS to manage technical debt

Our mission is to make software development universally accessible. Software fuels progress, but creating and maintaining it is hard. It’s painful to think about all the ideas that never saw the light of day because of this, and how different the world could be if they had. We want to live in a world where anyone can create software on their own, without technical knowledge. This is a multi-decade plan. We’re aware of it, but we don’t shy away from it. Stepsize and its mission are backed by some of the best investors in the world, including Stride.vc, Techstars, Connect, Index, and Unusual Ventures, and Angels from Facebook, Uber, and more. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We can’t make software development universally accessible today, but we can accelerate it. So the journey begins with software development teams. Today, Stepsize’s SaaS product helps growing software engineering organisations manage technical debt. Tech debt management is a huge under-served market. Gartner estimates the cost of technical debt will double to $4 trillion by 2023, and that organisations who manage technical debt properly ship software 50% faster. Stripe also found that engineers spend 33% of their time dealing with technical debt. Most importantly, when poorly managed, it makes engineers miserable. With Stepsize, engineering teams can identify technical debt that will get in the way of their roadmap, and address it before it does. It integrates with all the tools engineers use so that they can report tech debt and its cost to their business without ever leaving their workflow. Engineering and Product leadership can then use this data to prioritise the right pieces of debt. Tomorrow we’ll help teams create software much faster thanks to our code intelligence. Helping teams manage tech debt requires that we develop a deep understanding of code and how it relates to business requirements.

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Co-founder @Stepsize Using fundamental design principals with the latest technologies to deliver unparalleled user experiences.
Co-founder @Stepsize On a quest to make software development universally accessible by abstracting away its technical details.
Ex-Biz dev @IOVOX and @DueDil. Co-Founder & CEO @Stepsize. Concrete applications of machine learning & AI float my boat.